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LAS CD E-Shop a little CD-shop selling independent artists music to the world.

We are an artists based new concept CD-Shop If you are an unsigned artist looking to sell your recorded material, we are now expanding our styles and are extending to many more styles of music as listed bellow.

All you have to do is choose a style as listed
Easy Listening
Hip Hop/Rap
New Age
Spoken Word

We only sell CDs that come directly from the musicians; No distributors. Musicians send us CDs, We store them, sell them, and pay the musicians directly.

Please enter your name/band details if you wish to be included in our shop to set up an account with LAS CD shop. Enter all your band details as you wish them to appear on our page. LAS CD shop will only keep 10% of the value of your sales.

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Mail us just 5 CDs to start

We make a web presence on our dedicated E-shop showcasing your CD on, with the sole purpose of SELLING YOUR CD.
Includes, links back to your own website, reviews, and all of the text and descriptions you want.
We take all credit card orders for your CD, online or through our merchant account and ship it to them within hours!
We Email you every time your CD is sold to tell you who bought it!
How the money works
You set your selling price at whatever you want.
We keep 10% per CD sold.
We pay checks every week to everyone who wants to be paid! You get to set your "pay point" - so you really can be paid whenever you want!
There is a one-time-ever 20.00 (30 Eur)charge to set up a new CD in our store, with everything we described above. It takes us some work time to put a new album into our system and website, that's why.)
That 20.00 (30 Euros lasts forever or until you don't want to sell that CD anymore.
This is totally non-exclusive. There are no contracts to sign. We don't want to own the rights to you. WAI is not a record label. We are just a record store, like any other! (Except that lots of people a day come here to buy independent records like yours!)
You don't need to have your CDs shrink-wrapped, and yes you can sell a home-made CD-R here, as long as it looks good.
Just email us WAI or call (44) 20802919236
Someone's usually here in our office, and we're glad to help.
Otherwise click here for a submission form NOW to start selling!

Mail us just 5 CDs to start, and try your luck, you have nothing to loose.
Send you CDs to
World Artists Index (WAI)
LAS CD E-shop, PO BOX 14303, London SE26 4 ZH- UK